Skinner Heritage Gift Set

Skinner Heritage Gift Set
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In 2006, a phone call from our eldest son, Kevin, changed our lives forever.

We discovered that Mike’s great, great, great grandfather, James Skinner struck it rich in the California Gold Rush, and used his newfound wealth to establish one of the first and largest wineries in the country–J. Skinner Native Wine and Brandy. In an instant, we were reconnected to our family legacy.  Being advocates for living big passionate lives we embraced our family heritage and today we feel a kinship with James as risk takers with a pioneering spirit. 

This gift set features our two legacy blends; Eighteen Sixty-One named to honor the year J Skinner was first established and Seven Generations representing the seven generations of our family that have called California home since James' arrival.  We hope that by sharing our passion and heritage this holiday season it will foster even closer connections to those who matter most.  

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